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    BioFAN (生物迷)

    How will environmental change affect the distriubtion of multi-trophic biodiversity across altitudinal gradients? How will the shifts of biodiversity along altitude affect ecosystem functioning? We established a field research station "BioFAN" to study these questions. The station contains a 20-ha forest dynamic plots and a series of small plots from 600m to 1800m in a subtropical forest.




    Collaborators outside of the lab: Dr. Yong Shen and Dr. Qiang Zhang (Institute of Zoology, Guangdong Academy of Science)

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    Danxia (丹霞)

    How will landscape fragmentation affect forest biodiversity at multiple spatial scales? We are studying this question using Danxia landscapes in South-eastern China as a model ecosystem. Danxia is featured in their isolated cliffs and water-eroded narrow valleys, which makes highly heterogeneous habitats and biodiversity distribution in relativelly small regions.




    Collaborators outside of the lab: Prof. Zhenji Li (XMU)



    Glasshouse experiment at the U. of Zurich



    How will repeated droughts affect the relationships between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning? We set up a plant diversity experiment in a glasshouse to explore this question.




    Collaborators: Prof. Bernhard Schmid (U. Zurich), Dr. Anja Vogel (iDiv), Dr. Cameron Wagg (U. Zurich) and Tianyang Xu (U. Zurich)


    Publication: Chen et al. 2022 Nature Communications.

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    How will species loss affect forest productivity? We are studying this question using a large-scale field experiment (BEF-China) in Jiangxi.




    Collaborators: Prof. Helge Bruelheide (iDiv), Dr. Yuanyuan Huang (U. Zurich), Prof. Keping Ma (CAS), Dr. Pascal Niklaus (U. Zurich), and Prof. Bernhard Schmid (U. Zurich)


    Publication: Huang & Chen et al. 2018 Science; Chen et al. 2020 Nature Ecology & Evolution.