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    BioFAN (生物迷) : Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function along Altitude at Nanling

    How will environmental change affect the distriubtion of multi-trophic biodiversity across altitudinal gradients? How will the shifts of biodiversity along altitude affect ecosystem functioning? We established a field research station "BioFAN" to study these questions. The station contains a 20-ha forest dynamic plots and a series of small plots from 600m to 1800m in a subtropical forest.



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    Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function under Elevated CO2

    How will increasing CO2 concentration affect the maintenance of tree species diversity? How will biodiversity change induced by elevated CO2 concentration affect the functioning of forest ecosystems? We are exploring these questions by a series of experiments in climate houses.



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    Biodiversity on Terrestrial "Islands"

    How will landscape fragmentation affect forest biodiversity at multiple spatial scales? We are studying this question using Danxia landscapes in South-eastern China as a model ecosystem. Danxia is featured in their isolated cliffs and water-eroded narrow valleys, which makes highly heterogeneous habitats and biodiversity distribution in relativelly small regions.