• Glasshouse experiment at the U. of Zurich

    How will repeated drought affect the relationships between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning? We set up a plant diversity experiment in a glasshouse to explore this question.


    Collaborators: Prof. Bernhard Schmid (U. Zurich), Dr. Anja Vogel (iDiv), Dr. Cameron Wagg (U. Zurich) and Tianyang Xu (U. Zurich)

    How will species loss affect forest productivity? We are studying this question using a large-scale field experiment (BEF-China) in Jiangxi.


    Collaborators: Prof. Helge Bruelheide (iDiv), Dr. Yuanyuan Huang (U. Zurich), Prof. Keping Ma (CAS), Dr. Pascal Niklaus (U. Zurich), and Prof. Bernhard Schmid (U. Zurich)

    Publication: Huang et al. 2018 Science; Chen et al. 2020 Nature Ecology & Evolution.