• Team~我们

    Yuxin Chen (陈宇新)

    Principal Investigater, Associate Professor

    Profile: Yuxin got his PhD in Ecology at Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU,中山大学) in 2016. After that he worked as an Associate Researcher at SYSU and a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Zurich. He joined Xiamen University and started the Lab in 2019.


    Research: Biodiversity maintenance, biodiversity-ecosystem functioning relationships, statistical modeling, the diversity of leaf colors, etc.


    Editorial Services: Reviewing Editor of eLife (2020 - )


    Office: B330


    Email: yuxin.chen“AT”xmu.edu.cn or chenyux9“AT”gmail.com


    More: ORCID, Google Scholar and ResearchGate

    Lei Wang (王磊)


    PhD student (2020~ )


    Profile: Lei got his master degree in ecology at Fujian Normal University (福建师范大学) in 2019. After that, he worked as a research assistant in the Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences (中国科学院城市环境研究所).


    Research: Biodiversity-ecosystem functioning relationships, carbon and nitrogen cycles in forest ecosystems


    Office: A4-2


    Email: wangsanshi"AT”stu.xmu.edu.cn

    Zewei Zhuang (庄泽玮)


    Master student (2020~ )


    Profile: Zewei graduated from Fujian Normal University (福建师范大学) .


    Research: Drought tolerance of tree species, community assembly, biodiversity-ecosystem functioning relationships


    Office: A4-2


    Email: zhuangzewei"AT”stu.xmu.edu.cn

  • Research~研究

    Colourful leaves in the forest

    Why the leaves are not all green? We are exploring the leaf color diversity in a subtropical forest.


    Collaborators: Wenbing Li (SYSU), Yandan Lu (SYSU), Dr. Yong Shen (SYSU),and Prof. Shixiao Yu (SYSU)


    Glasshouse experiment at the U. of Zurich

    How will repeated drought affect the relationships between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning? We set up a plant diversity experiment in a glasshouse to explore this question.


    Collaborators: Prof. Bernhard Schmid (U. Zurich), Dr. Anja Vogel (iDiv), Dr. Cameron Wagg (U. Zurich) and Tianyang Xu (U. Zurich)

    How will species loss affect forest productivity? We are studying this question using a large-scale field experiment (BEF-China) in Jiangxi.


    Collaborators: Prof. Helge Bruelheide (iDiv), Dr. Yuanyuan Huang (U. Zurich), Prof. Keping Ma (CAS), Dr. Pascal Niklaus (U. Zurich), and Prof. Bernhard Schmid (U. Zurich)

    Publication: Huang et al. 2018 Science; Chen et al. 2020 Nature Ecology & Evolution.

  • Publication~成果


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    We have positions for graduate students and post-doctoral researchers in 2020 and 2021. If you are interested in biodiversity, plant ecology or community ecology, please email Yuxin (yuxin.chen"AT"xmu.edu.cn) to discuss your suitability in the lab.